Get ready for the best race ever! The Orlando Challenge urban adventure race is returning to Florida for our seventh season on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016!

Challenge Nation hosts America's largest urban racing series -- featuring a ridiculously fun “Amazing Race”-style competition packed into one incredible day! Teams of two or more will dash around the city, racing against other Challengers for immortal glory (and cash prizes!) as they solve tricky clues, strategize the best route, and explore undiscovered corners of your city!

Think of it like a 5K that tests your brains as much as your legs, with bigger prizes and a whole lot more fun--we guarantee you’ll have a blast!

  • An amazing, active way to get outdoors on a Saturday and explore your city with friends and family in Orlando!

  • Don't worry—fitness is a plus, but you’ll need a blend of smarts AND speed to win this race!

  • At the finish line, we’ll welcome you back with cash prizes for our winners, cold water for all, food and drink specials from our venue, finishing with our our crazy costume contest and awards ceremony!
  • Take it to the next level: the top 50 teams from this race will qualify for our Challenge Championship megarace at the end of the season with thousands of dollars up for grabs!

If you’re ready to take the Challenge, grab some friends, pick a clever team name and sign up right below! For more information, read our FAQ or contact us with any questions.

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2015 Results:


2015 Results:

1. 1:00:04 Glad We Didn’t Bring Andy **

2. 1:00:44 Michigators **

3. 1:04:35 Derpasaurus Rex **

4. 1:10:27 Sugar Rush **

5. 1:11:28 Killer Vampire Prom Kweenz **

6. 1:12:00 CNL *

7. 1:22:14 And Then There Were Two *

8. 1:28:41 Team Tribe *

9. 1:28:59 Pitches be Trippin’ *

10. 1:29:52 The Incredible 3 *

11. 1:33:05 Smarty Pants *

12. 1:39:25 Goof Troop *

13. 1:41:10 Team Muchetter *

14. 1:51:06 Kissimme Minnies *

15. 2:04:50 American Ghost Adventures *

16. 2:12:32 Stanford *

17. 2:13:29 Smarties *

18. 2:19:39 Keep Calm and Guard On *

19. 2:23:31 United We Purge *


21. 2:27:04 Not Playing with a Full Deck *

22. 2:28:59 Dy No Mite *

23. 2:33:41 Jam Rock *

24. 2:34:40 Horse Power Puff Girls *